Lead Skimmer Review


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I have tried many list building tools in the past, and I can vouch that Lead Skimmer is the best one out there right now. When a free member joins under you, that person must pass up his/her first 3 members to you. Those 3 people will go in your list (Aweber, GetResponse, etc.). If those people upgrade their Lead Skimmer membership to premium, then they will give you $25. When they go premium, they do not pass up anybody to sponsors, but YOU get the $25 so it’s like a win-win situation here. Who doesn’t want free $25?

The capture page is amazing and I am getting very high conversions. For every 10 people that go in my list, I am getting about 1 premium member to pay me $25. This is great additional income to add to your portfolio, and also to build up a huge list.

They have video instructions that give you the step-by-step easy directions so you can set up your Lead Skimmer account in just a few minutes.

You can click here to get started today!

Skinny Fiber Review - SBC Scam


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I have taken Skinny Fiber from Skinny Body Care product for over half a year, and I can tell you that these pills did nothing for me. I weighted 185 lbs for the longest time, and I wanted to get down to about 170 lbs.

Anyone who says these pills work wonders is someone who is promoting the product as an affiliate to earn commission from you when you buy from them or join under them in the network marketing business. DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE!

I started losing weight recently, but this has nothing to do with Skinny Fiber. What I have been doing is called DIET and EXERCISE. That’s right… no rocket science or magical pills.

If you type in Google “Skinny Fiber review”, you will see mostly affiliates promoting the business and tell you how amazing it is. The people who posts before and after pics are also misleading you. They don’t mention to you that they have changed their diet or started exercising. They tell you that they are simply taking the pills to lose weight. Too many scammers out there! Beware!

Royalty7 Review - SCAM plain and simple


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Royalty7 is no different than any other HYIP out there. They simply take new investors money to pay off current members. Every HYIP would lie and say they use your money to invest into Forex, Gold, Stocks, etc. Every program will say, “This one is better than any program out there”.

People who support it are people who are already in it right now. They are just trying to earn referral commission from you, but they don’t care about you once Royalty7 closes down and you lose all your money. You can yell at them all you want, but you will not get your money back. These people will simply tell you, “Oh well… better luck next time”.

I have been in the HYIP game before so I know. Macrotrade, Reprofinance, SafeDepositary… they were all huge HYIPS that collapsed because they are non-sustainable investment models.

HYIP monitors will write great reviews about programs because they get paid from doing so.

If this can really pay you 7% daily, then don’t you think Warren Buffett would be the first one in this investment program?

People argue with me and tell me that I don’t know what I am missing… blah blah.. heard it all. When Royalty7 stops paying, I’ll ask you guys how are you guys doing in Royalty7 :)

Network Marketing VT Review


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This review for Network Marketing VT will be straight to the point so here we go:


- 100% commission on $98
- Comes with capture page
- Admin will send followup messages to your prospects
- Admin will ANSWER your prospects’ questions so you don’t need to talk to these people
- In the back office, there are lots of useful online business tools
- Network marketing training so this is like LEARN and EARN
- Your questions are answered quickly in support


- Your first 3 sign-ups will go to your sponsor. After that, your 4th and up will go to you. Your 4th person’s first 3 will pay you, and their 3′s 3… and so forth
- Would be better if company provides various choices of capture pages as right now, there is only one choice

That’s all I can think of right now, and if I have more to add on later, I will post it here. Get started today to earn 100% commission on $98 over and over again: Network Marketing VT

Empower Network Compensation Explained


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In this video, it will explain how easy it is to earn in Empower Network. Your first referral will cover your cost to join. Yes.. you read that right!


Earn 100% commission on $25 over and over again on your referrals each month! Click here to get started right away!

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